10 Creative Wall Texture Ideas For The Bedroom And The Living Room

When we design our home, we do not pay too much attention to wall design. Painted walls are sometimes enough, but not always. Wall textures give a completely new dimension on that how one room looks. Actually, they can completely change the look of the room. Combined with some imaginative lighting ideas, you can achieve modern look and original style for the living room or bedroom. Include different geometrical forms, use wood, golden details, marble etc., to get a beautiful and unique wall design. Wall decor deserves to be well planned and carefully chosen. To help you beautify the walls, I’ve selected 10 creative wall texture ideas for the bedroom and the living room to take on a whole new dimension. Enjoy them and stay tuned for more ideas!


This living room uses natural materials to create beautiful atmosphere. The use of wooden boards combined with the central stone column make a unique and overall interesting and pleasant atmosphere in this living room.


The wooden blocks on the TV wall create a playful landscape with plenty of space for storage. The matching coffee table adds additional dimension to the living room.


The unique black wall textures add additional elegance to the living room, and the creatively integrated lighting emphasizes the unique landscape created by the panels.


Large textures on the wall give a huge personality in this small contemporary living room. The use of simple colors in the whole living room makes these bold patterns on the wall to fit in the whole interior design.


This living room white walls are complemented with dramatic staircase as improvised wall, decorated with mosaic panels. Integrated lighting makes this artful installation look like it glows from within.


This bedroom is a synonym of dark brown elegance with simple and minimalist design using rich wood to add a touch of texture. The hanging lighting details on the both sides of the bed additionally beautifies the design and the look of this master bedroom.

Image via www.bulmok.com


The use of  black bricks on the wall makes a unique statement itself, and the gold dripping down the bricks is just an additional detail to create a luxurious feel.

Image via www.deavita.com


These creative and interestingly shaped panels on the wall above the bed add a little drama in this neutral and simple bedroom.

Image via www.theroots.in



This is a very functional wall design with wooden wall elements that offers plenty of room for storage and decoration.

Image via www.notey.com


The plush fabric on the wall in neutral color looks really soft and it is beautifully contrasted with the glass wall treatments.

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