14 Ways To Effectively Organize Your Small Counter-top

Do you feel that your counter-tops are too small  and overflowed with ingredients, cookbooks, plastic containers, herbs, condiments and an ever-growing list of products and stuff you don’t know how to organize and keep in order? And this situation is pretty irritating because everything you wish is an organized kitchen that can significantly save you time and most importantly space, because you never had enough of it in the kitchen.

If that’s the case with you, I found some interesting and useful techniques how to organize your small counter-top, that will not only keep all your things in place, but will improve the look of your kitchen as well. Enjoy and stay tuned!


If your counter-top is cluttered with just a few items such as condiments and some kitchen utensils, then you can easily improve the aesthetics of your kitchen counter-top by elevating those items using a wood basket.


You can use an old wood tray for your kitchen counter-top organization that is also aesthetically pleasing.


Having an open shelving unit will also help you in keeping your things in the kitchen organized and the counter-top free of clutter.


Small shelves on the both sides of the sink will also provide an extra storage space for the cups and glasses.


Adding some plants can additionally improve and refresh your kitchen counter-top.


The old cake stand can serve well for holding your ingredients, so that they will be organized and in one place within arm’s reach wile cooking.


Small magnetic spice jars on the side of the fridge can also free up a lot of space on your counter-top.

Image via www.upsocl.com


Try to find some fancy containers and create a cozy kitchen coffee corner.


Everybody keeps soap and sponges near their sink or simply place them on the window-sill, or directly on the kitchen counter-top. Here’s a far better alternative. You can use a vintage container to hold all of these items making your kitchen to look neat and organized.


Using mason jars for flour, sugar and some other things looks great in the corner of your counter-top, if you don’t have enough space to store them into the kitchen cabinets.


Growing your own herbs can make your meals taste so fresh and make your kitchen look and smell wonderful.


Wire baskets are great for storing your recipe books.


Cutting boards can also look amazing and you can use them as a decoration on the counter-top.


Investing in over the kitchen sink shelf is also a smart idea if you want to create extra counter space.

Organize your small kitchen counter-top with over the sink shelf

Image via www.awssb.org


There are so many ideas and possible ways to organize your small counter-top and even if you have to keep some things on it, you can still organize and arrange them so that your counter-top will look neat and clean always.

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