12 Bedroom Color Schemes That Will Uplift And Give Character To Your Bedroom

The colors we use in our home design, give character, quality, and ambiance to any room and the bedroom is no exception. So, fill your bedroom with fresh colors to give it a décor boost. Below are 12 bedroom color schemes that will sooth, uplift, and give character to your bedroom. Enjoy and stay tuned!


Navy, Coral

These two colors balance out each other and will give your bedroom a chic, stylish tone.


White, Grey, Beige

Try this somewhat muted, neutral color combination which is ideal for bedrooms with casual, classic décor.


Mustard, Black, Gray

This unique color scheme can be used in a number of combinations. You can for example choose grey walls that will dominate the room and add the other colors in the details you use in the bedroom.


Red, White, Navy

In this color scheme the deep navy is a secondary player, and the red is accent color, but together work as a classic bedroom color scheme.

Image via www.sanbds.vn


White, Black, Grey, Purple

This color combo is perfect, especially if you carefully choose the details.


Grey and White

Classic and modern bedroom design, and absolutely perfect rug choice.

Image via www.houzz.com


Grey, Cream, Purple

This bedroom would be simple and neutral without the purple accents that add color and interest in its design.


Black, White

No two colors are as famous together as black and white. If you love timeless decor, this is the color scheme to use.


Black, White and Yellow-lime

Black and white is a classic color combo on its own. Adding a yellow-lime hue creates an art deco feel. If you want your bedroom to look posh, choose this color combination.


Orange, Gray

Orange completely dominates this bedroom design, but these light grey walls look fantastic combined with the orange bedding.

Image via www.westelm.com


Baby blue, White

A very simple, but effective use of colors that create a chic and sophisticated bedroom.


Black, Brown, White, Green

This looks like a great color combo for the bedroom if you own a beach house or a log-cabin styled home.

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