14 Original Headboard Ideas To Make A Statement In You Bedroom

In  a world where we can find and buy everything that comes to our mind, it is more interesting and appealing to invent something new and make something on our own. The headboard enhances the bedroom and the bed and it is often seen as a purely decorative element, although in reality the headboard is very practical. The headboard makes a significant statement in your bedroom, so get some with a trendy design to meet your needs, or if you are reluctant to invest hundreds of dollars on luxurious bedroom furniture, do it yourself. If you are looking for a creative headboard for your bedroom, I invite you to go through my selection of 14 original headboard ideas that will undoubtedly help you to make a statement in you bedroom. Enjoy and stay tuned!


Hang a wall of unexpected materials as your headboard, or a simple white tall headboard.


Image via www.decoist.com


Image via www.novate.ru


If you want a simpler look, choose a plain vertical headboard, or a patterned one to achieve a more modern and elegant look.


To achieve a simple yet attractive and unusual look, leave a gap in your floral vertical panels.

Image via www.woohome.com


Or, make your headboard a real mosaic using small upholstered foam cubes.




The wood headboard could also include integrated shelves that serve as a great substitute for the classic nightstands.

Image via www.m-e-t-r.ru


If you want a unique headboard, you have an option to make it out of white painted bamboo stalks for a tranquil feel.


Another great idea for creating a unique headboard is to use old paddles. It looks really cool, right?

Image via www.decoist.com

If you want another creative idea, paint and mount doors as a headboard in your bedroom.

Image via www.houzz.co.nz


Each type of wooden headboards fit well not only in a traditional or rustic bedroom, but also in a contemporary and minimalist bedroom. Very simple panels in a beautiful frame or simply as unprocessed, unpolished wood blocks with their distinctive patterns are excellent for this purpose and can turn the bed area into the accent in the bedroom.


Mount panels of different depths to achieve this 3D look.

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