14 Original Headboards To Make A Statement In You Bedroom (Part 2)

Known as the place where we can relax after a long day at work, the bedroom should provide the comfort we deserve. It should be perfectly designed reflecting our style and personality, containing all the things we love and enjoy being surrounded by. That is why the décor as well as the furniture choice for the bedroom matter significantly. The bed is the focal point in every bedroom and the headboard comes along with the bed choice. So, why don’t we try to give it the attention it deserves and choose one that makes statement on its own? Here you can find some ideas for  headboards that would help you to make your choice easily. If you want some more ideas on this topic, follow this link. Enjoy and stay tuned!


If you want to make a headboard that makes a statement choose one with interesting design like this one that adds to the style of this contemporary bedroom.


For everyone who loves something dramatic, a shiny black and white headboard would be the right choice.



This is just another wooden headboard with eye catching laser-cut motif that would look great in the bedroom.

Image via www.westelm.com


You can also choose to replace the traditional headboard with simple headrest.

Image via www.notey.com


For those who love simple elegance, this contemporary bed with wooden frame and interesting wooden headboard will be the right choice. It looks really simple, but very elegant.


Instead of an ordinary headboard, why don’t you opt for a dark wood overhead compartment above the bed that provides much space for having a hidden closet, beauty corner and rack for books or decorations with an exposed brick wall behind.


This is another unique choice for a bedroom headboard. The entire wall behind the bed is covered with wood, and there are mirror segments that add to the beauty of the whole bedroom interior.

Image via www.readgy.com


The headboard could also be replaced by a modern office desk.


Or, by a massive wall art.


This replacement for the ordinary headboard is very unique and interesting. The function of the headboard is just to be there, but this way you have extra storage and space for your decorations.


The upholstered diamond tufted headboard always looks classy, so it is enough to make a statement in the bedroom.



This wooden headboard would be an ordinary one without the floral motifs that look pretty realistic and refreshing.


If you want to give your bedroom retreat from all the ordinary, contemporary choices, go for a vintage-inspired style with metal headboard.


For all those who don’t want to spend money, you can make your own cheap and chic headboard.

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