7 Fresh Ideas How To Smartly Use And Transform Corner Space In Your Home (Part 2)

The weird corner space you don’t quite know what to do with can cause you little problems when trying to figure out how to convert it into useful space. So, if you have this problem here you can find 7 useful ideas how to solve it. I wanted to update this list and added 7 more ideas for transforming corner spaces in your home. If you want to see them, keep reading. Enjoy and stay tuned!


1. Corner Seating Space

Making your empty corner extra seating area in your home is not a bad idea at all. Especially, if it doubles as storage and seating.

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2. Photo Gallery

The empty corner can be transformed into a photo gallery. It will simply maximize your corner space to make it look alive.




3. Corner Wine Racks

You can transform the free corner space into wine racks and get the most of the space available, providing an extra storage space for your wine collection.



4. Corner Floor Lamps

If you need to add additional lighting fixture in your living room, then a floor lamp is the right choice for you. And there is no better place than any corner for placing it. And there are many versatile designs, some of them simple and other pretty unique that can also decorate the space.



5. Plants In The Corner

Some plants in the corner of your living room can fill this otherwise empty space. Choose some tall indoor plants, such as bamboo, ficus, palms, etc. Most of the plants require sunlight, so you should find place for them in the corner that is close to the window.




6. Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are also a great alternative for filling the empty corners into your home. The kids will certainly love them. And they can also be used as a reading nook.



7. Reading Nooks

The empty corner in your bedroom or living room can easily be turned into a perfect reading spot.

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