7 Tips To Style Your Bedroom Like A Professional Designer

When you see all those perfectly designed rooms in interior magazineshave you ever asked yourself how the interior designers do this successfully? Well, here are seven top tips on how to style the bedroom and get the stylish bedroom look you’ve always dreamed about. Enjoy, and stay tuned!

Opt For Wall Lights

Opt for wall lights instead of a table lamp, so that you’ll have more space on the nightstand for your favorite book, or a vase of flowers. Actually wall lights are becoming increasingly popular and suit all style rooms.


Add Accent Colors

Choose one or two accent colors, for example yellow and grey. These yellow pillows contrast perfectly against the pale grey bedding, but it’s a trendy color this season and it gives a pop of color to the bedroom interior without being overpowering and too dominant.


Layer Textures

This winter cozy up with beautiful and comfy cushions and throws. Choose knitted cushions because big knits are quite popular, and combine them with thick woven throws with contrasting fringing. You can never have too many cushions and throws, so don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and tones together to create the ultimate coziness this winter.


The Mirror Is An Essential Purchase

Mirrors can be very useful because they bounce light around and can make a small room seem larger. In a bedroom they are an essential purchase, so choose one that is both practical and beautiful to look at. This one is a stunning design and big enough for every bedroom. I especially like how it looks on the floor.


Choose An Interesting Decorative Piece

Vases are a very popular decorative piece among stylists, as they are such a versatile item and come in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Add some flowers in it and refresh the bedroom.

Image via www.femfete.com


Mix The Patterns

A new bedding can absolutely update your bedroom look. Don’t be afraid to introduce new colors and patterns with a well chosen duvet cover, even if your wallpaper is already patterned.


Show Some Love To The Floor

The floor should get the same care and love like the rest of the bedroom. You can show it some love by choosing a gorgeously tactile hand-knotted rug. And your feet will also love how it feels every morning.

Image via www.houzz.co.uk

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