7 Useful Tips For A Clean Home

A good looking, smelling and clean home is a wish for everyone of us. But lets face the truth that we don’t have enough time to clean the house every single day. However, don’t be disappointed because with just a few good tips you can keep your house looking neat and clean all the time.


Take your shoes off before entering the home

Your shoes can be a source of many different germs, dust and dirt, so it is recommendable to leave your shoes outdoors, or at your home door, but not walking throughout the house with your shoes on and spreading all those harmful things. This is especially important if you have a little baby because they have a habit of rolling across the floor.


Clean the shower

If you want your shower to be spotless and without water stains, for the next time you take a bath, you should consider wiping down the shower glass door to prevent water spots and grime.

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The bathroom sink is also important

Give the sink a quick cleaning with a wet wipe every time when you see toothpaste dribbles on it.

Take care of your kitchen counter

Because it is one of the most used elements in the kitchen for almost everything, it is a place where we have a quick meal, the place where we leave the groceries, etc., it is very important to keep it clean by regularly wiping it down every night. You can use a homemade solution (one part vinegar, three parts water and a squirt of dish soap), or another cleaner for this purpose.

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Organize yourself

When everything has a place, things rarely stay on the floor for too long. Get organized and add some boxes to store things around the house, so that you’ll always find easily what you need in that moment.

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Put your clothes away

Before you go to bed, put dirty clothes in the hamper or re-hang clean ones in the closet. And in the morning, fold your pajamas and store them in their proper place.

Make the bed

If you make the bed after getting up, it can instantly make the bedroom look neat, even if the rest of the room isn’t picture-perfect.

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