Hula Hoop Wreaths Are Coming In A Big Way In 2017

Old hula hoops can be made into different decorations, and with just a little bit of creativity, you can make your very own special springtime wreath decoration.

Pinterest is flooded with a bunch of amazing super-sized wreath ideas crafted from hula hoops, and this year they’re the most original and easiest way to make a statement springtime piece for your home. These beautiful hula hoop wreaths can also find their place as a very beautiful and interesting decor for spring and summer weddings, but they would also be a perfect addition to your porch, garden, front yard, or inside your home. So, if you like this idea, take a look at the following images and get inspired to create your new spring decoration. Enjoy and stay tuned!






Gather together a bundle of flowers, leaves, berries, or just a couple of branches. You can choose to include a variety of colors and textures, or just a few green branches and several pom poms. Next, you should secure the bundles or the branches together with floral tape, wire or zip ties and attach them on the hula hoop. You can choose to cover the entire hula hoop, or only adorn one part of it. No matter what you’ll decide to do the final result will be a perfect and lush hanging home or garden floral decoration.





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