Sophisticated Apartment That Exudes Femininity And Luxury!

This feminine apartment in Dallas’s Museum Tower combines elegance and lavishness. In accordance to the inventive staff at Laura Lee Clark Interior Style, the owner, a woman with an eye for design, needed the apartment to reflect her vivid and candid personality. The company achieved the client’s objectives by combining diverse shades of pink with exquisite furnishings. In the dining area, the crowning touch is the seductive Nymph chandelier by Koket.
Take a closer look at this sophisticated apartment that exudes femininity and luxury through the photos below and share your opinion!




The exotic chandelier adds a whimsical touch. Its golden butterflies work with the design to create a provocative ambiance each butterfly is handmade by master artisans. The kitchen is very modern, while the other interiors are characterized by an eclectic type. We enjoy the warmth that this stylish apartment exudes. Which details do you like ideal? (Photos and data offered by Koket).






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