Tips To Make Cozy And Comfy Bedroom

There are many possible ways how to make your home elegant, sophisticated, but first of all it must be comfortable and enjoyable. Each room in the house deserves special attention when it comes to its design and decoration, but still there is one special room that always needs to be extremely comfortable. In order to achieve that, we should pay attention to every single detail. We talk about the bedroom and this is the room in our home that deserve some special treatment because here we spend most of our time, and ‘recharge the batteries’ for the upcoming activities. We should be extremely careful and creative with its decoration. If you wonder how to make a cozy and comfy bedroom, let us share few tips to turn your bedroom into a real sleep heaven.

Beds and bedding

The bed is the most important and central element in the bedroom. It is very important the bed to be comfortable, so the first thing you can do is to upgrade it with a mattress that is comfortable and solid. Or maybe you can even opt for a feather bed. A good way to improve your bed is also to change the bed frames, or to upgrade the box spring. Once done, decorate the bed with soft covers, and a lot of carefully chosen pillows that resemble your taste.

The same as other elements, bedding ought to stay simple. A set of Egyptian cotton sheets is more that recommendable, because they can make the bed very soft and comfortable. Besides, Egyptian sheets are made of 100% cotton and just touching them will be enough to fall in love.


Keep it simple

Make sure to keep only the necessary things in the bedroom. Get rid of the clutter and make an organized and really neat and clean bedroom. You don’t need extra furniture or decorations. A bed, a nightstand or two, a dresser and a large mirror are perfectly enough. Creative souls may also hang their master paintings above the bed.


Light the bedroom up

The lighting can be very important for creating that warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. You are free to choose the lighting fixtures for your bedroom, but while doing that keep in mind that there are few essential tricks that are compulsory for every bedroom. For instance, you’d need dimmer controls to adjust the light to your needs, or a pair of nightstand lamps for bedtime reading. Both fixtures create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which could even be enriched with scented candles and glamorous chandeliers. For a more dramatic effect, distribute small lights on the walls, or behind the curtains.


Choose carefully the paint for bedroom walls

While you’re welcomed to ‘be yourself’ and to personalize your sleeping space, there are few rules that mustn’t be undermined. For instance, strong and vivid colors (such as yellow or red) should not be used in the bedroom.

You should at least limit them to small details, because they could tire your eyes. If your purpose is to make a relaxing room, go for neutral and pastel colors, ideally contrasted with thin layers of brown or black.


Reconsider the window treatments

Yes, it feels amazing to be awakened by a beam caress in sunrise. Unless it is Sunday! That’s exactly why we recommend you to reconsider window treatments and to go for a solution that will help you adjust the amount of sun you want inside. Heavy drapes, blinds, or blackout fabric curtains, for instance, are perfect for passionate sleepers who prefer to be in control of their sleeping hours.


Consider the details

When decorating a cozy bedroom, think about all the details that could incent your senses and relax you. A cozy rug, a velvet curtain, or a fluffy pillow are all great decoration for the bedroom. Interestingly textured wallpapers can also make you feel surrounded with warmth and coziness.

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Keep it neat and clean

Keep your bedroom neat and clean. We all have the tendency to clutter the bedroom with things that do not find there place there after a while. Quite often, bedrooms look like storages, where we pile tones of clothes, bags, or working materials. The truth is that we could never feel relaxed in a room like that! We need clean and smooth surfaces to help us calm down and a set of proper accessories to store our belongings out of our sight.

You should also consider the idea to keep storage invisible. Avoid floor to ceiling cabinets or huge dressers unless you really need them. Go for furniture that stores belongings in a more invisible way. Opt for drawers under the bed, headboard storage, or coffin-nightstands. The more creative you get the cleaner and airier your room will appear.


Refresh it with flowers

Flowers are a genuine delight to your working and living space, so why wouldn’t you put them in your bedroom? Remember to bring one during the week; and ensure there will be some pleasant aroma to help you relax.


Decorate with scented candles

Pick your favorite aroma and let the pleasant scent spread through the room. You would be surprised by the magical effect! For those of you who are afraid for their safety, we recommend electronic candle warmers.


Take the TV out

As pleasant as it is to fall asleep with a good movie, you need to avoid it. TV is not likely to relax you, but to over-stimulate your senses. If you’re really a fan, stay longer in the living room and move to the bedroom only when you’re sure you are ready for sleep.


Change the sheets as often as possible

Changing sheets regularly is an essential hygiene rule, but is at the same time a method for improving your mood. Is it cold outside? Go for knit blankets and linen and woolen bedding! During hot seasons, on the other hand, you could benefit for thin sheets covered with floral motifs. So, do we even have to say this?


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Make it more personal

The best way to ensure that your bedroom will be cozy and relaxing is to personalize it. Once you go inside, you have to feel that it is your own one and only home and the only place that you’d change anything in the world for. You could achieve this with lots of personal photos, creative wall art, decals, or by simply employing favorite colors. If you didn’t do it already, throw your favorite belongings inside and make sure you’ll be really keen to go sleeping every night. Still, try not to exaggerate with decorations, but try to keep the space clean and simple, warm and pleasant.


Go Vintage

There is no other place like the bedroom for exquisite vintage details! Instead of following the latest trends, you could invest and purchase antique pieces that invoke a rustic feeling.

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